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Assistive Devices

The PEP Employment Centre offers a variety of assistive devices and software to support persons that have a wide range of disabilities. Below is a list of devices and software that we currently have in the Resource Centre. These devices are here to to support individuals with their job search and employment. Everyone is welcome to utilize the software. Speak to your PEP Employment Support Worker about how devices and software can assist you with your employment.

22” – 27” Flat Computer Screen

A large computer screen can be beneficial to those with visual impairments when using software that magnifies text (gives the user more of a viewing area than they would have with a small screen).

Large Keyboards with Contrast

A large keyboard with a colour contrast such as black text on yellow keys can give people with visual impairments the ability to view the keys more clearly so that they may be able to type and/or edit material themselves.

Cordless Keyboard & Mouse

The cordless keyboard and mouse are intended to aid those clients that have mobility issues, instead of the client moving up to the keyboard and mouse, the keyboard and mouse may be moved to the client.

Half Keyboard

The Matias Half Keyboard allows you to type with just one hand, using your existing skills. This device is ideal for someone with a hand injury or a disability that impairs the use of either hand.

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Hands-Free Mouse

The SmartNav 4 is a total hands-free mouse that enables people with reduced upper body mobility to use the computer independently. With the hands-free head mouse individuals can navigate the mouse on the computer monitor allowing them to surf the internet and type in programs such as Microsoft Word. This device can be used by people with disabilities such as ALS, spinal cord injuries, Muscular Dystrophy, and other mobility barriers.

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Hands Free Keyboard

SofType is a software program that works in conjunction with the hands free head mouse, featured above. The software allows users to activate a hands free on screen keyboard supported by the head mouse.

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Handheld Close Captioned Television (CCTV)

The i-loview device by Chris Parker Design is a light and sleek portable video magnifier that assists users with visual impairments with readying text and images more clearly. The screen on this device is the perfect size for traveling and is easy to use on the go. The device can assist individuals with reading items such as menu’s, medicine bottles, labels, forms, documents, and pamphlets etc.

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Assistive Software Programs

Zoomtext Magnification and Screen Reading

Zoom Text 10.1 is a program that activates a screen magnifier that can enlarge print on the screen from 2x to 16 x the original print size. It also has a fully integrated magnification and screen reading program so your programs are magnified and spoken to you as you do your work.

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Text to Speech Software for the Visually Impaired

JAWS is the text to speech solution for blind or visually impaired individuals working in the rapidly growing computer industry. The JAWS text speech software engine is amazingly clear and accurate, and the speed of speech can be adjusted to the skill level of the user. JAWS offers excellent functionality with the internet using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. It supports the World Wide Web, e-mail, chat, and instant messaging. Assistive Technology has now caught up with Internet technology.

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Visual Program for Reading and Writing

ClaroRead is a computer software program that supports individuals with reading and writing. This program is very flexible as people of all ages and abilities can benefit from this software. ClaroRead allows the user to highlight text on the screen which is then read out loud. The user can also choose for the software to automatically read all text on a web page or document. The program includes tools that colour, underline, highlight or focus on text as you read it or as it is spoken to you. The program also has a specialized speaking spell check, thesaurus, and dictionary that is easy to use and accessible for individuals who have difficulties with reading and writing. The software is able to read scanned documents and is compatible with Microsoft Word, internet browsers, and Dragon Naturally Speaking.

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Voice Recognition Software

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a voice recognition software which allows users to turn their voice into words on the screen in a very accurate way. This program and dictation device is excellent for writing email messages, preparing documents and reports, writing reminders and to do lists, social media posts, and more. After dictating into the device, users can correct and edit text if needed. The software comes with a program that works to correct grammar, formatting, abbreviations. The more you use this program the more it recognizes and adapts to your own voice.

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